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Faculty Academy


The TLC offers new faculty an opportunity to engage across disciplines and departments in a program called Faculty Academy. An outgrowth of the Instructional Resource Center, Faculty Academy began in the early 2000s as a two-year program designed to teach faculty about various aspects of the College, policies and procedures, and technology. However, as GHC grew so, too, did the needs for a different model of new faculty orientation and development.

In Fall 2016, the TLC will debut a new version of Faculty Academy that utilizes a blended delivery of traditional face-to-face workshops and meetings with asynchronous online learning modules. The newest group of new full-time faculty (tenure-track and limited-term) will begin this August as Cohort 16. 

Because we recognize that it takes more than one semester or year to stitch oneself into the fabric of an institution, we are changing things for previous groups of Faculty Academy participants, too. Year Two faculty (now called Cohort 15) will be participating in a Faculty Learning Community for 2016-17. Year Three faculty (Cohort 14) will be encouraged to participate in workgroups as many of them move toward their first promotions.

In the future, we plan to use Faculty Academy as a multi-year program that develops faculty through learning communities, mentoring, scholarship, and leadership opportunities. 

The schedules for Faculty Academy can be found here.  



Page last updated: August 23, 2016