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What is a Success Coach?

A GHC Success Coach is a faculty or staff member that volunteers to be your support system throughout your educational journey


How can a GHC Success Coach help me?

Success coaches can help you with planning for academic success, discovering your passions, setting educational goals, and choosing a career.


Success Coaching Goals

The primary goal of Success Coaches will be to encourage students to persist in college.  

Here are some of the main ways Success Coaches can help students who are assigned to them:

  • Make regular contact
  • Be accessible
  • Encourage students to ask questions
  • Remind them about important dates and deadlines
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Follow up and hold students accountable
  • Care


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Success Coach Advisory Board

Crystal Edenfield, Program Coordinator

Jennifer Hicks, Program Coordinator

Randy Green

Sherry Green

Jon Hershey

Abraham Ortiz

Ken Reaves

Evan Snelling

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For help with TutorTrac email:

Jennifer Hicks at jhicks@highlands.edu or Nea Martin at nmartin@highlands.edu

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