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Searching the Web

Searching the World Wide Web for a Study Abroad Program is as Easy as Typing WWW……

The internet can provide numerous options when it comes to searching for a program that meets your needs. The following sites are useful resources and provide searchable databases you can use to locate study abroad programs.

IIE Passport - http://www.iiepassport.org
Database of thousands of study abroad programs searchable by all criteria from the listing.

Study Abroad.com - http://www.studyabroad.com
Listings for thousands of study abroad programs. Searchable databases of programs. Information and products related to study abroad.

GoAbroad.com - http://www.GoAbroad.com
Searchable databases of study, work, intern, teach and volunteer abroad programs as well as information on all other products related to traveling abroad.

Peterson's - http://www.petersons.com/stdyabrd/us.asp
Searchable database of study abroad programs by field of study, country or sponsor.

National Registration Centerhttp://www.nrcsa.com
Founded in 1968 the National Registration Center for Study Abroad is a consortium of over 125 foreign school in 30 countries.

Study Abroad Linkshttp://www.studyabroadlinks.com
Offers thousands of opportunities and resources from around the globe.

Study Abroad Directory– www.goabroad.com/study-abroad
An international education resource center.

Association of International Educators - http://www.nafsa.org
Promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from United States.

International Student Exchange Program - http://www.isep.org/
A comprehensive listing of programs around the world offers affordable access to programs.

Institute of International Education - http://www.iie.org
The world's most experienced global higher education exchange agency.

University System of Georgia Study Abroad Programs:

ArmstrongAtlanticStateUniversity -http://www.intl.armstrong.edu/abroad.html

ClaytonCollege & StateUniversity - http://studyabroad.clayton.edu

ColumbusStateUniversity - http://cie.colstate.edu

European Council of the University System of Georgia - http://www.valdosta.edu/europeancouncil/

GeorgiaCollege & StateUniversity - http://www.gcsu.edu/international/

Georgia Institute of Technology - http://www.oie.gatech.edu/

GeorgiaPerimeterCollege - http://www.gpc.peachnet.edu/~gpcglobe/

GeorgiaStateUniversity - http://www.gsu.edu/~wwwoia/

KennesawStateUniversity - http://www.kennesaw.edu/internationalcenter/

MaconState College - http://www.maconstate.edu/academics/studyabroad/

NorthGeorgiaCollege & StateUniversity - http://www.ngcsu.edu/academic/ipo/index.htm

State University of West Georgia - http://www.westga.edu/travel/index_2987.php/

Universityof Georgia - http://www.uga.edu/oie/

The University System of Georgia Office of International Education - http://www.usg.edu/oie/

ValdostaStateUniversity - http://www.valdosta.edu/oip/

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