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Study Abroad Feature

Study Abroad Opens News Vistas in Knowledge, Culture, Outlook

Everyone is talking about the global economy.  Now more than ever, our students must learn to navigate a culturally diverse and broadly interconnected world.  That’s why we offer you the opportunity to study abroad through the GHC Study-Abroad program and the University System of Georgia’s European Council.  You’ll be able to visit a variety of countries while taking classes in disciplines such as history, government, business, math, literature, communications and culture.  Make friends, experience new adventures and see the world.  This summer and during the Maymester, you can choose trips to London, Paris, and Normandy, the Dominican Republic, and Russia.

This past Maymester, Alexandra MacMurdo, lecturer in communication, led a group on a trip to Costa Rica, focusing on the ecosystems and natural wonders of the land that calls itself the “happiest country on the planet.”  The tour was the green destination of the 2013 Study-Abroad program, and included classes in biology with lecturer Jasmine Olander and in chemistry with chemistry professor Allen Easton.  It was a natural fit for MacMurdo: the former is advisor to the environmental club Green Highlands. MacMurdo recognizes the impact that experiencing other cultures, climates and economies has on students.  “Studying abroad literally changes their lives,” she said.  “For many, they see for the first time how other people in the world live, how they may live in poverty we can only imagine here in the U.S.  It completely changes their outlook on life.”  Read all about the details and see photos of the stunning natural sites in Costa Rica.

The European Council sponsors large summer study programs for students in major locations in Europe, including St. Petersburg, Berlin Madrid, Paris, Waterford, London, Morocco and Scotland. Georgia Highlands College is proud to be a member of the University System of Georgia's European Council. For more information visit www.valdosta.edu/europeancouncil or contact Jeff Brown at 706.802.5301- jbrown@highlands.edu

There are a series of information sessions for students who would like to participate in the Study Abroad program.  There are several scholarships available to help with the costs.


Page last updated: August 4, 2014