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Student Achievement Data

This page provides frequently-requested information about student enrollment and completion at Georgia Highlands College.  Some information comes from GHC's Office of Planning, Assessment, Accreditation, and Research (PAAR), including excerpts from the GHC Fact Book.  Some reports come from the University System of Georgia (USG). Information is available in the following categories: Student Demographics, Student Enrollment, Retention Rates, Graduation Rates, Complete College Georgia Plans and Annual Updates, and Other Resources.

Student Demographics

Demographcs for the GHC student body for Fall 2015 (total enrollment of 5,746) are shown below.

Student Enrollment

GHC's total enrollment of 6,013 students in Fall 2016 is an increase of 4.6% over the prior fall term.

Multi-Year Total Enrollment

Enrollments grouped by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Age Group

Fact Book (for most recent Fall term and historically, enrollment by Campus, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Residency, Academic Class, Full Time/Part Time, Age, and other qualities.

Retention Rates

Retention rates are most frequently measured from a fall term to a fall term (one-year or fall-to-fall retention).  Retention from a fall term to the following spring term (fall-to-spring) is also reported in this section. First time students are often a special focus, as are groups sorted by gender, race/ethnicity, and age.

One Year Retention Rates

The University System of Georgia publishes two one-year retention figures for each fall cohort: an institutional retention rate (students retained at the same institution) and a system-wide retention rate (student retained at any USG institution).  The figures below are the institutional retention rates, which are usually lower than the system-wide rates. GHC continues to track the progress of the students who returned to the institution the following fall.

Two graphs of one-year retention information are included below. 

One-year retention of first time, full time students is up by 7% at 70% for Fall 2016, its highest level in the past seven years.

Several new initiatives focused on one-year retention for first time, full time students began in Fall 2015, including a succes coaching program for new freshmen.

GHC's one-year retention rates compared with the average one-year retention rates among State Colleges in USG (GHC's peer institutions)

Data on one-year retention may be found in the following documents.


Fall to Spring Retention Rates

GHC's fall-to-spring retenton rates are historically high, but they increased 5% for the Fall 2015 to Spring 2016 period to 90%, the highest over the past seven years.  This increase is especially promising in light of new retention initatives begun in Fall 2015.


Graduation Rates

Graduation rates for associate degrees are measured on a three-year basis by the University System of Georgia.  The rate is the number of students who complete an associate degree within three years divided by the number of students who started at the college in the same term. 

As with retention figures, the University System of Georgia publishes two figures for three-year graduation rate: the Institutional rate (students who graduated from the same institution) and the system-wide graduation rate (students who graduated from any USG institution).  The rates shown below are the institutional graduation rates, which are typically lower than the system-wide rates.

GHC's three-year graduation rates are up by 3.3% for the most recent cohort of students, to a high of 11.2% over the past five years. Here is how they compare with the average graduation rates for associate degrees among State Colleges in USG (GHC's peer institutions).

Data on graduation rates may be found in the following documents.


Complete College Georgia Plans and Annual Updates

Georgia Highlands College participates in the Complete College Georgia initiative within the University System of Georgia.   


Other Resources

The most recent survey results from the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) are here.

A searchable database is provided by the University System of Georgia (USG) to help interested parties research enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and degrees conferred at any USG institution.


Page last updated: April 17, 2017