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Wetlands Bug
L. Callan
The wetlands is a favourite home to many kinds of butterfly. To see some of them, use the INSECTS menu opposite.

Danaus plexippus: Monarch butterfly
Everes comyntas: Eastern tailed blue butterfly
Junonia coenia: Buckeye (caterpillar)

Papilio glaucus: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Phycoides tharos: Pearly Crescentspot
Pterourus glaucus: Tiger swallowtail
Vanessa atalanta: Admiral butterfly

Agraulis vanillae: Gulf Fritillary
Ascia monuste: Great Southern White butterfly
Basilarchia archippus: Viceroy

Other insects
Dogday Harvestfly Cicadidae: Tibcen canivularis

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