Georgia Highlands College

Math 097 Check List

  • notation

  • computation of whole numbers with the 4 fundamental operations(+,-,x,/)

  • computation of decimals with the 4 fundamental operations

  • computation of fractions with the 4 fundamental operations

  • basic geometry formulas and concepts

    • areas of

      • circles

      • rectangles and squares

      • triangles

    • perimeters of the above

  • have the ability to...

    • compare numbers and inequalities

    • round numbers

    • plot numbers on a number line

  • a conscious choice to...

    • attend all classes on time

    • do the work required for YOU to succeed

    • accept the concept that a letter can represent any number

    • conquer fear of ratios and fractions

    • conquer fear of word problems

    • play with the new concepts you cover in class

    • enjoy your math class

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