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Paulding Wins the First B2B Challenge

Brother2Brother members from GHC’s Paulding, Douglasville and Cartersville campuses played each other in the first B2B Basketball Challenge on Friday, March 22 at Cartersville.  The Paulding team swept to victory, but everyone had a wonderful time getting to know members of the other campuses better. 

Dalton Lemelle, a Ph.D. candidate doing dissertation  field work at GHC who helped increase the B2B membership in Paulding, and Damon McMillion, financial aid counselor for both Paulding and Douglasville, arranged transportation to Cartersville for the players.  Chris Green from Custodial Services refereed the game, and Leon Bull from Audiovisual got a scoreboard up and running. 

Participants enjoyed the friendly rivalry so much, in fact, they’re planning a five-campus challenge so Floyd and Marietta B2B members can play.

B2B, part of the Georgia Highlands African-American Male Initiative to increase retention and graduation among minority males, better known as GHAME, has been so successful since its inception in 2008 that retention and graduation rates among this cohort have outstripped those of the general student body at GHC.

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