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Searching the World Wide Web for a Study Abroad Program is as Easy as Typing WWW……

The internet can provide numerous options when it comes to searching for a program that meets your needs. The following sites are useful resources and provide searchable databases you can use to locate study abroad programs.

IIE Passport -
Database of thousands of study abroad programs searchable by all criteria from the listing.

Study -
Listings for thousands of study abroad programs. Searchable databases of programs. Information and products related to study abroad. -
Searchable databases of study, work, intern, teach and volunteer abroad programs as well as information on all other products related to traveling abroad.

Peterson's -
Searchable database of study abroad programs by field of study, country or sponsor.

National Registration Center–
Founded in 1968 the National Registration Center for Study Abroad is a consortium of over 125 foreign school in 30 countries.

Study Abroad Links–
Offers thousands of opportunities and resources from around the globe.

Study Abroad Directory–
An international education resource center.

Association of International Educators -
Promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from United States.

International Student Exchange Program -
A comprehensive listing of programs around the world offers affordable access to programs.

Institute of International Education -
The world's most experienced global higher education exchange agency.

University System of Georgia Study Abroad Programs:

ArmstrongAtlanticStateUniversity -

ClaytonCollege & StateUniversity -

ColumbusStateUniversity -

European Council of the University System of Georgia -

GeorgiaCollege & StateUniversity -

Georgia Institute of Technology -

GeorgiaPerimeterCollege -

GeorgiaStateUniversity -

KennesawStateUniversity -

MaconState College -

NorthGeorgiaCollege & StateUniversity -

State University of West Georgia -

Universityof Georgia -

The University System of Georgia Office of International Education -

ValdostaStateUniversity -

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