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Date SubmittedRequester's NameProject Description
Sep 25, 2012Kirk NooksConverting room for Pharos printing and equipping student computers with USB extension cable stands
Jul 02, 2012Elijah Scott16 new computers for Cartersville Campus Library, to be placed in public area of the library for student access.
Sep 15, 2011Diane LangstonPiloting and eventually adopting new Learning Support approaches mandated by the Board of Regents. The goal is to increase student success in Learning Support and enable students to spend less time in Learning Support before taking on credit-level work. The initial focus is on Learning Support Math.
Oct 28, 2010Libby GoreFirst Year Experience Federal Student Worker to be working as an assistant to the FYE Director. Student will be doing research on FYE programs throughout the nation, scheduling and preparing materials for the FCST 1010 courses and instructor trainings, and other clerical work.
Jul 21, 2010Wilma Maynard/Sheryl BallengerPurchase three computers for the resource area located in the Student Support Services area on the Floyd campus.
Jul 01, 2010Wilma Maynard/ Sheryl BallengerWe are in need of at least three new computers for student use in the resource room. Ms. Boone evaluates a large number of students each month and uses these computers for that purpose. During the spring semester two of the computers crashed and the third computer is very old of course thus we are not sure how long it will be before that one also crashes.
Jun 04, 2010Donna MillerDigital Radiology Hardware and Software purchase for Dental Hygiene Clinic
Jun 03, 2010Donna MillerImprove technology in the patient care clinic (purchase 7 computers) 3 in clinic, 2 in student lounge and 2 for digital radiology.
Mar 16, 2010Elijah ScottPurchase 30 Computers for Library Instruction Classroom, including projector and projection system
Feb 23, 2010Dr. Kirk NooksMarietta needs its 6 student computers in the GHC front office replaced with Mac Minis.
Aug 20, 2009Barbara B. ReesNetwork student printer for HH 163

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