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COMPASS Test and Students with Disabilities

If you require accommodations for the COMPASS test, please regard the following:

  • The COMPASS test is NOT timed- unless you need to schedule a test over multiple days you do not have to contact Disability Services. 
  • In order to apply for accommodations please see the campus Disability Specialist.
  • Requesting accommodations requires at least a two-week notice. Less time may not guarantee accommodations for your test date and may require you to reschedule.
  • It is the Student’s responsibility to provide current documentation of his/her disability, and that failure to provide documentation will result in not receiving accommodations for the COMPASS test.
  • If accommodations are provided, they are temporary and ONLY for the COMPASS test. 
  • If admitted, the Student will have to return to the Disability Support Office and formally apply for services.

Please print complete the form below and return it to your campus' Disability Specialist with the required documentation.

We understand the concern of students and parents regarding taking the COMPASS test. If you have any questions please contact the Disability Specialist at your campus.








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