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Bylaws Of The Cooperative Degree Oversight Committee (CDOC)

For Coosa Valley Technical College and Georgia Highlands College

January 31, 2008


Article 1. Name

The name of this committee shall be the Cooperative Degree Oversight Committee of Coosa Valley Technical College and Georgia Highlands College (CDOC).


Article 2. Purpose

The purpose of the CDOC is to provide oversight for the continuous quality improvement and effectiveness of the cooperative degree program and student services between Coosa Valley Technical College and Georgia Highlands College; provided that, such oversight is subordinate to the administrative structure of each college; and further provided that, such oversight is subordinate to Georgia Highlands College's responsibility as the degree-granting institution to ensure compliance with accrediting standards.


Article 3. Role

The role of the CDOC is to:

• raise, discuss, and research issues

• ensure the quality and the effectiveness of program

• facilitate the coordination of student services

• secure adequate resources

• make recommendations to appropriate officials


Article 4. Membership

  1. Each institution shall have an equal number of five persons who shall serve on the CDOC for one-year terms concurrent with the calendar year, and who shall be eligible for reappointment.


  1. The presidents of each of the institutions should annually by December 1 designate in a memorandum to the CDOC the five persons to represent the respective institution for the ensuing calendar year. In making such appointments, each president is encouraged but not required to make such appointments in the following broad areas:

  2. academic

  3. student services

  4. accreditation or institutional effectiveness

  5. the Georgia Highlands College Vice President for Academic Affairs  and the Coosa Valley Technical College Vice President for Academic Affairs shall serve as ex-officio members of the CDOC


In the absence of such memorandum from a president, the current membership from said college should continue into the subsequent calendar year or until such time as a memorandum is issued.


  1. During said term, members serve at the discretion of their respective presidents.


  1. In the event that a member of the CDOC shall be unable to continue to serve during the term, the respective president should notify the CDOC as soon as possible and should make another appointment.


Article 5. Selection of Officers

  1. The CDOC shall have a Chair, Vice Chair, and Recorder who shall serve in such office for one-year terms concurrent with the calendar year. Such officers should be eligible to serve a subsequent year as an officer, except as provided herein for the succession of the Vice Chair.


  1. Such officers should be selected by the membership of the CDOC. In order to promote continuity from one CDOC to the next, such officers should be selected at the last meeting in a calendar year from the existing CDOC to serve for the upcoming calendar year.


  1. The Chair and the Vice Chair should be chosen one each from the two institutions, with the Vice Chair at the end of the year becoming the Chair in the subsequent year. The Recorder may be chosen from either institution.


Article 6. Reviews and Assessments

Towards its purposes, the CDOC shall evaluate, make recommendations, and issue a written report to the president and academic vice president of each institution no later than December of each year on the following:

• written agreements between the two institutions

• written agreements between the two systems as such may affect CDOC

• CDOC bylaws

• status of course-by-course reviews

• faculty credentials

• effectiveness measures as set by the CDOC

• review of continuence of cooperative degree programs

• review of bylaws and related policies


Article 7. Duties of Steering Committee

The Chair, Vice Chair, and Recorder shall serve as a steering committee. The Steering Committee shall:

• set and promulgate meeting dates and agendas

• provide communication among members of the CDOC as well as with the presidents

• keep records and documents including notes of meetings and records of attendance and a permanent historical file to be passed from Chair to Chair

• suggest modifications to the bylaws

• other such duties and actions as may be needed


Article 8. Subcommittees

A. There shall be a standing Assessment Committee of the CDOC. It shall be the responsibility of this subcommittee to annually review student learning outcomes related to the program, assessment methods and target goals, data received, and how results are used for program improvement. An annual summary of this review will be forwarded to the Georgia Highlands College Instructional Council for analysis. Feedback from this review will then be shared with the CDOC to be used for program improvement. 


B. The CDOC may appoint other standing subcommittees as it shall deem necessary, which shall include at least one CDOC member from each institution and which may also include non-CDOC members.


C. The CDOC may from time to time appoint such ad hoc subcommittees as it shall deem necessary.


Article 9. Meetings

  1. The CDOC shall meet quarterly as deemed appropriate.


  1. A quorum consists of the presence of five members with a minimum of two from each institution.


  1. All meetings are open and guests are encouraged to attend.


Article 10. Bylaws

Amendments to the bylaws of the CDOC may be proposed at any meeting of the CDOC and acted upon at a subsequent meeting. Such proposed amendments should be promulgated in the notes of the meetings.

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