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AES Unit Assessment Guidelines

Each unit plan must include the following elements:

  1. One of the five college goals that relates to your unit mission statement

  2. The unit mission statement

  3. Expected outcomes to be achieved in relation to the unit mission statement

  4. An assessment plan for each expected outcome, to include:

  5. Assessment Method (means by which the outcome will be achieved)

  6. Performance Target (how achievement of the outcome will be measured), which must be specifically quantified. Your numerical target goal should be designed with continual improvement in mind. Measuring the same outcome in consecutive years is appropriate if steps are being taken to improve the target goals and improvement is being made. Once the goals have been met, units should move on to different outcomes in successive years whenever possible to reflect a comprehensive commitment to improvement in all aspects of the program.

This is the point at which the Unit Plan (due October 1 of each year) will stop. You can then, in turn, fill in the rest of the form at the end of the year for your End of Year Report (due June 1 of each year). That additional information will consist of:

  1. Summary of data (the quantitative results of your assessment)

  2. Recommended actions (if you did not meet your target goals, what corrective action have you implemented to achieve success during the next assessment cycle)

This format should provide a smooth transition from the assessment process into the planning process.   The outcomes of the previous year’s assessment are reported at the Administrative Retreat, where the unit reports provides analysis of data and an assessment of where the units succeeded or failed in achieving expected results.  This information can be utilized in the creation of the Strategic Plan for the college.

Additionally, there is a February 1 mid-year check due to the Office of SPAA. This is just a progress report on the strategies each unit stated that it would implement in the Recommended Actions portion of the reporting form for those outcomes not meeting target goals and thus being repeated during the next cycle of assessment. In prior years, this information has been added to the bottom of the assessment reporting form itself. This has proven to be a bit confusing, so starting with the 2009-2010 cycle, that area will be eliminated from the form and units needing to report their progress on implemented improvement strategies will do so directly (electronically) to the Office of SPAA.

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