Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands College

Recognition Presentation Schedule

During Graduation Ceremony

  1. Walraven Award                          Awarded through general nomination
  2. President’s Award                       Awarded by President

Prior to Graduation

Mace Bearer                                          Awarded by Faculty

Lunch or Dinner - Graduation Day

  1. Faculty of the Year                        Awarded through student nomination
  2. Employee of the Year                   Awarded through general nomination
  3. Department of the Year                Awarded through general nomination/approved by President
  4. Retirees                                          Through Retirement Process
  5. Diversity Award                              Awarded through general nomination

Fall In-Service

  1. Outstanding Administrator             Awarded through general nomination
  2. Vivian Benton Award                     Awarded through general nomination
  3. Community Service Awards           Awarded through general nomination
  4. Professional Achievement             Self-nominated based on degree or certification completion

Quarterly Town Halls

Service Awards                                        Based on employment milestones with GHC

Staff Meetings*

Caught in the Act Awards*                        Awarded through general nomination


*Caught in the Act Awards could be awarded at any time. They are designed to be spontaneous and to be delivered as soon as possible after the nomination has been made.

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