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MUSC 1100 Music Appreciation DVD Course

Robert Adams, Assistant Professor of Music

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Important facts regarding the DVD Music Appreciation Course:

  1. This is not an online course. Students will be provided with a set of DVDs which contain the lectures for this class at the mandatory orientation.
  2. At this time, this course is not connected to GA Vista.
  3. Students are required to attend three live classes an orientation and two other meetings for tests. These dates obviously change from semester to semester. Mr. Adams will email you about ten days prior to the beginning of the semester with details concerning dates, times, and campus meetings.
  4. Students are also required to watch two videos that do not come with the set of DVDs. These videos are located at both the Floyd and Cartersville library. They are on permanent reserve which means that you will need to watch them at the library. Each video is approximately fifty minutes in length.
  5. In order to achieve an appreciation of Classical music, it is extremely important that students have live experiences with this genre of fine art. Students are required to attend two Classical music events during the semester in which they are registered for the class. Then write a two to three page paper about each event. During the first two weeks of class, Mr. Adams will email to the class a list of approved concerts from which to choose. Many of the concerts cost $5 or less, and of course there are others that cost more. Please remember that your student ID typically allows you to receive discounts.
  6. Please also refer to my website. The website includes a generic version of the syllabus, all of the study guides, the listening exams (which includes the two lists of music from the CD set that accompanies your textbook), and an overview on the expectations for the concert reports. The IC presentation is not a requirement of the DVD class.

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