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Discretion in style of dress and behavior is essential to the efficient operation of Georgia Highlands College.  Employees are, therefore, required to dress in appropriate business attire and to behave in a professional, businesslike manner.  Employees should use good judgment in choice of work clothes and should conduct themselves at all times in a way that best represents Georgia Highlands College.

GeorgiaHighlands Collegemaintains a business casual dress policy during the academic year; that is, traditional business attire (e.g., a business suit) is not expected.  Employees should however dress appropriately for their work activities.  For some events and visitors traditional business attire may be appropriate.  Specific departmental dress policies will vary to meet the needs of different departments.  In general, short and jeans are not appropriate business casual attire.  Each supervisor is expected to assure that all employees are dressed appropriately.

On Fridays, however, this more casual attire must still be professional, business like, and appropriate for the workplace.  In certain offices where staff regularly meet the public on Fridays, semester breaks, or during the summer, the supervisor may extend the business casual dress code as appropriate. Casual clothing of student employees must also be appropriate for the work setting.

Employees should keep their work environment clean and orderly.  Workspaces should appear professional.  Whether on or off duty, employees reflect Georgia Highlands College.  Consequently, employees are encouraged to observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times.


(Amended May 9, 2002)

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