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The College has a Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) that provides a means for employees to resolve disputes before they become full-fledged disputes.  This is an informal means by which employees address their concern is a productive manner and an employee’s voice can be heard on any issue that might arise.  Alternate disputes are most often solved through mediation.  Mediation is a meeting facilitated by a trained mediator, (all members of the CRC have received mediation training) and the disputing parties (employee and co-worker, employee and supervisor, employee and student).

There are four channels by which an employee may raise a concern.  First, an employee may seek assistance by contacting a member of the CRC.  Second, an employee may ask for a recommendation from a panel or review, which consists of three members of the CRC to address their concerns.  Third, the employee may seek redress through the normal administrative channels (through the employee’s supervisor, to the appropriate vice president, to the President, to the Board or Regents).  Fourth, the employee may file a grievance with the Grievance Committee.

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