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Georgia Highlands College expects all employees to assume diligent responsibility for their attendance and promptness.  Recognizing, however, that illnesses and injuries may occur, Georgia Highlands College has established sick leave for certain time lost for legitimate medical reasons, including time-off to secure necessary treatment.

If an employee is unable to work because of illness, he or she must promptly notify his or her supervisor or department head each day of the absence unless you are granted an authorized medical leave, in which case different notification procedures apply.  If the employee is absent for more than five consecutive workdays, a statement from a physician is required when he or she returns to work.  In such instances, Georgia Highlands College also reserves the right to require the employee to submit to an examination by a physician indicating the employee is able to return to work.

In addition, Georgia Highlands College may require the employee to either submit a statement from his/her physician or to be examined by a College-designated physician in other instances at its discretion, such as where abuse is suspected (e.g., where an employee's record indicates a pattern of short absences and/or frequent absences before or after holidays and weekends).

Absenteeism or tardiness that is unexcused or excessive in the judgment of Georgia Highlands College is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

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