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Georgia Highlands College has established a system of performance appraisal for all employees.  This system of performance management is used for the purpose of transfer, promotion, demotion, merit increases, retention, supervisory assistance, training and development and future employment references.  Initial appraisals of employee performance will be conducted after 3 months, 5 months, and 12 months of service with the College.  Thereafter, performance management sessions are conducted annually with the staff members’ immediate supervisor. The performance management process is a critical tool in providing an employee with the opportunity to receive formal feedback on his or her job performance, In addition to providing the supervisor with a way of formally recognizing the employee’s accomplishments over the course of the evaluation period.

The performance management process also seeks to identify performance gaps (differences between expected performance and actual performance). Specific goals for performance enhancement and improvement are also outlined at this time.  Performance management seeks to develop the employee both personally and professionally.  Performance management is a two-way interactive process with the supervisor assessing performance with the employee and identifying standards, expectations and performance goals.  Performance management process is a critical element in identifying training and development needs.

Any substandard performance management review will be followed by additional reviews of performance at 3 months and 6 months intervals following the substandard review.  Other scheduled evaluations can substitute for the follow-up reviews of below satisfactory performance.

Georgia Highlands College embraces the practice of progressive discipline.  Unsatisfactory performance or behavior is followed progressively by verbal warnings, written warnings, counseling, suspension and finally dismissal.  Some actions are so unsatisfactory actions are so acute that they warrant dismissal on first offense, such as stealing property or causing harm to others.  Reasonable efforts will be undertaken by appropriate authorities to assist employees in narrowing the gap between unsatisfactory performance and satisfactory performance when possible.

Faculty evaluations are conducted in accordance with the Faculty evaluation procedures published by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and in accordance with Board of Regents Policy.  The Board of Regents Policy calls for third-year pre-tenure review and post-tenure review of Faculty members.  Also, Senior Administrators will receive an evaluation by their colleagues’ one level down, once every five years in accordance with Board of Regents Policy.

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