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Salary increases for staff members are awarded based upon merit and in accordance with guidelines established by the Board or Regents annually.  Institutional standards come in the form of performance definitions that are agreed upon by the Administrative Council.  Inputs into the determination comes from the employee’s performance management review, the supervisor’s assessment, the review of the appropriate vice president and finally by the President, with the assistance of the President’s Cabinet when requested.  Some consideration is also given to the salary of similar positions within the College and similar positions outside the College, as it is the general intent of the President to keep salaries at Georgia Highlands College internally equitable, based upon merit, and externally competitive.

Salary increases for fulltime teaching faculty are awarded on the basis of merit.  The criteria for the determination of the extent of such increases include:  teaching ability, completion of significant professional development activities including the attainment of additional academic degrees, promotion in rank, seniority, research productivity, academic achievements and publications, academic honors and recognition, relevant professional achievements and recognition, and non-teaching services to the institution [Board or Regents Policy [803.1402].  Georgia Highlands College also has identified specific criteria, consistent with this Policy, upon which the determination of the extent of salary increases will be based.  Academic Division Chairs have established consistent definitions of performance criteria to be used as standards against which all faculty members are evaluated.  The division chairs reevaluate these performance criteria annually.

Employees who are dissatisfied with their salary recommendations can appeal to the office of the President via normal administrative channels.  The general policy of the President is to appoint a Board of Review to hear all salary appeals.  The Georgia Highlands College Policies and Procedures Manual govern the conduct of Boards of Review.

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