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The employee must schedule an Exit Interview with the Human Resources Department prior to the last day worked.  The employee will be given an exit checklist that requires the signatures and initials of various officials on campus.  The departing employee will also receive information concerning contributions to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) or the Optional Retirement Program, and information regarding the continuation of health and dental insurance (COBRA), if applicable, and be given the opportunity to express his or her  opinion about his or her employment with the College.

During this process the departing employee will be required to return all college property to the designated office, including ID card, institutional credit cards, library books, keys, uniforms, laptop computer, other property and equipment and the Employee Handbook.  The final check will not be released until all items are returned.  If you are signed-up for direct deposit of your pay check, this will be changed for your final check.  A regular check will be processed and arrangements will be made for the distribution of the final check with the Office of Finance and Administration.

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