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The following forms, which are available in the Human Resources Department, must be completed before any employee begins the first day of employment [Board or Regents Policy 802.04]:

1.††††† Written Application Form

2.††††† Acceptance and Payroll Deduction Authority for group insurance

3.††††† Form G-4 (State Withholding Tax)

4.††††† Form W-4 (Federal Withholding Tax)

5.††††† State Security Questionnaire and Loyalty Oath

6.††††† Teachersí Retirement System or Optional Retirement or Georgia Defined Contribution Form, whichever is applicable.

7.††††† Form I-9 (Citizenship or Employability)

8.††††† Right to Know/Hazardous Chemical Training Form

9.††††† Pre-employment drug screening (for certain positions as determined by the Presidentís Cabinet).

On the first day of employment, after all forms have been completed, the supervisor shall take the new employee on a tour of the facilities.† The supervisor shall introduce the new employee to all Faculty and Staff members and provide an overview of the function of each area.† The supervisor will also provide each new employee with the information on College policies, which will include his or her particular department, and any information pertaining to his or her position and the necessary equipment and supplies.

Security positions and all positions utilizing a commercial drivers license are subject to pre-employment and in-service random drug screening as provided by Georgia Highlands College and Board or Regents policy.† Extensive background checks are conducted on perspective employees at the discretion of the President, with the assistance of the Presidentís Cabinet when requested.

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