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Vacancies in all positions begin with an Authority to Hire form obtained from the Human Resources Department.† The Human Resources Department will assist the employing supervisor with all the steps of the recruitment, selection and placement process.† A recommendation for employment will be made through normal administrative channels to the President after appropriate procedures have been followed.† Only either the Human Resources Director can make a position offer or the employing supervisor after the Presidentís approval is received.

GeorgiaHighlands Collegebelieves in promoting employees from within and has established a job-posting program to give all employees an opportunity to apply for vacant positions they are qualified to fill.† To be eligible to apply for an Internal Candidates Only position, an employee must meet the minimum hiring specifications for the position, be capable of performing the essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation, be in good standing in terms of overall work record, and ordinarily have been in the current position a minimum of six months.† The employee is responsible for monitoring job postings and updating his or her employment file and resume and filing a letter of application with the Human Resources Department during the posting period for a specific opening.

Internal Candidates: the employing supervisor with the consent of the President determines vacancies, with assistance of the Presidentís Cabinet when requested.† The President also makes interim positions, acting positions, transfers and reassignments, with the assistance of the Presidentís Cabinet when requested.

Former employees of Georgia Highlands College are eligible to be rehired except those with a record of unsatisfactory service to the College.† Nonetheless, previous employment shall constitute neither an advantage nor a disadvantage for subsequent employment.

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