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Background Checks

Georgia Highlands reserves the right to conduct background checks for all new regular part-time, part-time faculty and full-time, benefited employees.  These background checks would follow a tiered approach and be consistent with job classifications to display non-discriminatory actions.  This will further enhance our new hire pool, reduce the potential for negligent hiring and present a productive and successful workforce for the institution.

The office of Human Resources will initiate the background checks.  All background checks will consist of a criminal background check and, if necessary, include educational, professional and licensure verification.  Other checks, such as Motor Vehicle Records and Credit or registered sex offender checks may be added as the level of responsibility and accountability warrants. In order to maintain the credibility of the process, the college search committees will continue to conduct job related reference checks.

The minimum amount of background checks conducted in the tiered approach is as follows:


Level I:  100 (V.P.), 200 (all full time faculty)

  • VP/President – Criminal search, Education Verification, Professional Verification, Professional licensure verification (if necessary)

  • Faculty (including Part-time faculty) – Criminal Search, Education Verification, Professional licensure verification (if necessary).

Level I or II:  100 (Administrators/Directors), 300 (Department Managers,) 400 (Professionals) 210 (Librarians) and 900 (Temporary Faculty, and Professionals with Benefits)

  • Professional/Administrators - Criminal Search and Education Verification.

Level III:  500 (Clerical), 600 (Para-Professional), 700 (Skilled Craft), 800 (Service)

  • Clerical/Support Staff – Criminal Search

The process for determining disqualification of a candidate’s application/job offer will be based on Business Procedures Manual, Section II.  Conditions of Employment Disqualification of Persons Selected for Employment (Candidates)       (January 9, 1991)

A candidate will be disqualified for employment for any of the following reasons:

  1. Conviction of a criminal drug offense shall disqualify a candidate for not less than two years. Any candidate who has been convicted of a second or subsequent criminal drug offense shall be ineligible for employment or re-employment for a period of five years from the most recent date of conviction.

  2. Any false statement of material fact in the application.

  3. The candidate is or has been a member of an organization advocating the violent overthrow of the government of the United States.

  4. The candidate has been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude unless the applicant has been pardoned.

Since the Business Procedures Manual considers felony convictions a disqualifier for employment, an applicant or candidate to Georgia Highlands College can be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

  1. Conviction of an act of violence in a previous workplace.

  2. Refusal to submit to the specified background checks.

Background checks will only be conducted for persons that have been offered a full-time position and will be a condition of employment with the college.  In compliance with the Federal Credit Reporting Act, candidates with an adverse background check, that results in an offer disqualification, will be notified in writing from Human Resources stating a withdrawal of the job offer and be allowed to view or receive a copy of the results. Candidates may not begin employment until a final background check is complete.

Background checks will be processed for a period of three years as detailed in the Records Management policy of the University System of Georgia. Category G (8): Certificates of Eligibility.

The office of Human Resources will contact the hiring manager and advise of any adverse results on the background check. Due to privacy concerns, HR will not disclose specific reasons for disqualification.

Any other particular areas of concern will be directed to the USG Legal department for clarification. 

(Approved by Cabinet 10/17/05)

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