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During Summer Paris Lake Shimmers, Water Fowl Thrive at GHC-Floyd

On the eve of the summer solstice, Paris Lake at the Floyd campus serves as home to Muscovy, Mallard, common white and other kinds of ducks, as well as families of Canada geese.  Many species winter over as well, enjoying the generosity of visitors who provide snacks.  The lake and adjoining wetlands are a source of learning and leisure activity for students.  During the recent Foundation Camp for boys, campers learned to canoe and kayak in the placid waters.  Close by are a gazebo and a pavilion where employees and students can study or enjoy meals in the shade.  The facilities are open to the public, and many come to the lakeside to fish and relax or just to enjoy a picnic in the shade of the pavilion.  Paris Lake is just one of the many ways GHC engages the community. 

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