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GHC/Marietta's Site Director Becomes a Principal for a Day

Georgia Highlands College/Marietta, in partnership with the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, Cobb County Schools and Marietta City Schools will participate in the 2010 Principal for a Day project. The 10th Annual program will allow business, education and civic leaders an opportunity to apply their skill sets into the local schools thus creating potential partnerships.

Dr. Kirk A. Nooks, GHC/Marietta site director, has been selected to serve as a Principal for the Day at Cobb Performance Learning Center in Marietta on Wednesday, Feb. 24. During Nooks' day, he will be able to observe the strengths and challenges of the center and explore areas of future collaboration between the school and GHC.

Nooks will face the same successes and challenges that Jacquelyn Whitt, principal of the Learning Center, encounters on the daily basis. Just like Georgia Highlands College, The Performance Learning Center has a low student/teacher ratio, provides one-on-one attention for its students, offers service-learning opportunities and gears its programs of study to at-risk students.  The common challenges both institutions face when working with students who need the extra help and motivation will form the basis of a working model to keep at-risk children on track through elementary and secondary schools into college.

Nooks said, "It is very important for our colleagues in the K-12 institutions to understand how we share similar challenges and opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity for us to begin to collaborate on the needs of both K-12 and higher education."

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