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Systems Support Services

A unit of Information Technology Services

Systems Support Services (SSS), a unit of Information Technology Services Division, is responsible for supporting many of the institutionís core servers, services, and telecommunications.† These responsibilities include installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and backup procedures.† ††

Primary Duties

∑††††† Provides administration for many back office servers and systems

∑††††† Maintains documentation of systems, policies, and procedures

∑††††† Maintain system backups, including off-site backups, for critical systems

∑††††† Maintain telecommunications systems including phones and video conferencing systems

∑††††† Maintain servers that control the physical security door access and video surveillance systems

∑†††††† Maintain all virtual deployment systems for all server instances

Overview of Systems Support Services

Systems Support Services maintains several very important systems and servers for the institution.† Some of the high-profile systems are:† Exchange, Office 365, Blackboard Transact, WinPak, Compass, Pharos, and telecommunications services.† SSS is also responsible for the configuration and maintenance of our virtualization environment on all campuses.† These include VMware vCenter, vSphere, and ESXi servers.† Information Technology Services continues to migrate new server installations towards a virtual deployment solution.† The staff in SSS supports all aspects of these systems.

Responsibilities and Systems/Services Covered

∑††††† Virtualization (VMware vCenter, vSphere, ESXi)

∑††††† Microsoft Exchange Management

∑††††† SAN (Storage) Management

∑††††† Active Directory Management

∑††††† Telecommunications (Phone & Video Conferencing)

∑††††† SharePoint Deployment & Management

∑††††† Blackboard Collaborate

∑††††† Blackboard Transact & Security & Win Pak

∑††††† Pharos

∑††††† Compass

∑††††† DHCP

∑††††† Request Tracker Deployment & Management (IT, Plant, ES-GHC411)

∑††††† Office 365

∑††††† Xtender

∑††††† Backups

∑††††† Applicable Documentation

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