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IT Mission, Purpose, Goals


In support of the mission of Georgia Highlands College, the Information Technology Department may be linked directly to the following sections:

  • "Be innovative in our approach to teaching, learning, and support services."
  • "Use technology as a teaching and learning tool."
  • "Maintain efficient and effective administrative services to support the instructional and community outreach programs of the college."




The Information Technology Department provides technological services that support the computing needs of the institutions academic and administrative functions. Furthermore, the Information Technology Department enhances the teaching and learning process for students, faculty and staff by researching, developing, implementing, and facilitating diverse and effective delivery systems through the use of new technologies.


1. Enhance Learning: To enhance and diversify the student learning process by providing opportunity and availability to access the latest information technology.

  • Access to the latest tools and applications will be made available through research.
  • Appropriate technology will be made available to enhance instructional technology.
  • Users will have access to the institution for information, research, and other resources both internally and externally.
  • New communication mediums established.

2. Foster Innovative Technology: To facilitate and support innovative use of technology in academic programs and administrative functions.

  • Possess a broad range of knowledge in the area of technology.
  • Provide continuous innovative solutions for technology in all areas of the institution.
  • Acquire new delivery methods and tools for instruction.

3. Provide Reliable Technology: To provide reliable operation of computer equipment, support of software applications, and assessment of new technologies to increase and strengthen productivity.

  • A functional, reliable, and secure infrastructure for faculty, staff and student utilization.
  • A specialized Information Technology staff cross-trained to provide diverse support.
  • The latest software applications available through innovative technology.
  • Provide users seamless access to information that is accurate and timely.

4. Provide Effective Planning and Management of IT Operations: To ensure that the appropriate planning mechanisms are pursued, staff resources are appropriately matched to maximize potential, budgets managed efficiently, technology needs and information shared with administration, and services continually improved upon.

  • Effective pursuit of planning of resources and policies surrounding technology.
  • Shared exchange of information within the different units of Information Technology.
  • Exchange of information with administration through groups such as: Administrative Council, the President's Cabinet, the Computer Committee, and other appropriate venues.
  • Budgets carefully managed to maximize funds to balance infrastructure, equipment, staff, software, and other operating supply needs.
  • Staffing levels appropriated based on changing technology needs of the institution to provide diverse support.
  • IT staff training to match technological requirements of the job while providing cross-training for redundant coverage of systems.
  • Continuous quality improvement of services provided to faculty, staff, and students by placing emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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