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Human Resources

The Human Resources office has requested the following:

Due to multi-campus configuration, the capability to offer more training on-line similar to AOD/HIPPA and Sexual Harassment would greatly enhance training efforts and efficiency.

Status: 2/12/09


New Requests

Objective: Centralized employee training acknowledgement system for Human Resources

A web system to centralize all mandatory and optional training resources for employees. This system will convert the existing dispersed form/email method to a database-driven method allowing Human Resources to more easily manage employee-training data.

Objective: Dynamic employee handbook web page integrating links to the Board of Regents

A web page developed for Human Resources that will utilize dynamic links to the Board of Regents information. This web page will ensure that all Board of Regents material in the employee handbook is current.

Objective: Automated system to handle employee terminations for Human Resources

A web system that will allow Human Resources to track the entire employee termination process to ensure that all accounts, access permissions, etc. are properly removed and accounted for when an employee is terminated.



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