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We are quite worried about being hosted for Banner services since, like pretty much all Learning Support departments across the state, we have unique requirements, exit scores, and policies that would not be reflected in a "vanilla" Banner and routines such as COMPASS score uploads that set values in Banner. Unless the BOR plans to eliminate the range of scores and policies that it currently permits for LS departments, every school will face this problem, and we certainly will as well. The loss of our Online Advising program under a hosting scenario would harm multiple efforts on campus--LS, testing, advising, just to name a few. That's also a worry. Not sure if this is a tech issue, but would love to see banner use military time on line and in course schedules and would love to see campuses noted by initials, not numbers. would love to have students notified on line every time banner is not functioning. would love to see partial grades posted (as in our 10 week classes, I know this is possible since West Ga does this). would love to have a transcript request form, graduation petition and other forms on line (not to download, but to submit on line). would appreciate it if the contact page were kept up to date by every department, so students (and staff) could find staff/faculty .I'm sure there are other things, but these are some of my wishes and they probably belong in comments section. The College as a whole should consider the possibilities inherent in adopting web-based instructional products such as Eluminate Live, or Horizon Wimba Live Classroom. Several of the E-Classrooms should be set up (C'ville, Rome, NMT, Mtta) with headphones/mikes and appropriate site licenses. Has huge potential to decrease travel budgets.

We have been much helped this year by improvements to our programs for handling COMPASS scores. The improvements have reduced the amount of work done by hand and made the setting of some values more accurate. We appreciate that and valu e our local Banner folks. Taylor Maddox has been a big help as part of the ATP Task Force with figuring out how to do some things at our office at Carrollton. Even though we've not yet been able to do all of them (current copier there is not equipped to be used as a printer, for instance), we've come much farther this year with support for our instructors. We want to continue his participation. In keeping with promoting the lowering od copy costs, we need to make it easier to publish doc online. This means cheap scanners in each dpt. and perhaps products that make it easy to save a Word doc in Vista-friendly html. Acrobat distiller, too, for making pdf's.

Status: 2/12/09

Completed. No hosting at this time.


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