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Data Card Office

The Data Card office has requested the following:

Would like to have a permanent workstation at the Cartersville Charger Card Office set up with IDMS and Blackboard for making IDs -Would like to have a printer/fax/copier at the Cartersville location as well -need more network drops in Charger Card office on main campus -Need VTS and IP converter (have both on hand) hooked up in library at North Metro but officials there are not keen on this effort for some reason is what I'm told -Need more copy/activity/vending readers on hand in case one goes out (but this comes out of Charger Card Office budget so probably not an issue for you) -Would like to upgrade copy readers on copiers at Heritage Hall, S. Poly, N. Metro, and Rome campus (in front of bookstore and activity reader inside bookstore)-again, this is probably not an issue for I.T. although it is technology-related -would like to add vending readers to all coke machines & vending machines on all campuses (another C. Card office issue) -We need additional memory for our server and we need to perform a firmware upgrade (free if we do it).

Most of this is stuff that would need to come out of the Charger Card office budget but just letting you know as most of it is "technology-related".

Status: 2/12/09

These items would come from the Auxiliary Budget.


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