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Counseling and Career

The Counseling and Career office has requested the following:

Due to the planning of a possible Pandemic outbreak, we would need laptops for each counselor to be able to quickly answer questions and continue counseling at home locations. Or if the internet was down, we would need cell phones to answer questions and continue psychological first aid. We rely heavily on cell phones already b/c of our different campus locations. Any consideration of the personal cost for us as mental health counselors would be appreciated. Many of us have increased our plans at our own expense to keep communication going.

At the present time we each pay for our own cell phone coverage which can be costly some months. Our work with Crisis situations is confidential, so it is not often recognized as a viable need. Lastly, our Fax machine is aging badly and needs upgrade in light of the confidential nature of what we send and receive.

Status: 2/12/09

Laptops are provided to necessary staff based on supervisor's approval and inventory constraints.
Cell phones are not allowed as this level.
Fax machines can be purchased out of departmental forms.


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