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Client Technology & Media Services

A unit of Information Technology Services


Client Technology & Media Services (CTSMS), a unit of the Information Technology Services Division, serves as the primary user support for all students, faculty, and staff for all GHC campuses and locations.  The mission of CTSMS is to provide our customers with quality and timely support of all hardware and specified pre-loaded software in a courteous, professional manner.



Primary Duties


·      Provides hardware and software support for faculty and staff for all College owned desktops, laptops, printers, and related peripherals      on all GHC campuses and locations

·      Provides hardware and software setup, maintenance and support of all College computer labs and clusters

·      Responsible for hardware distribution of all GHC desktop and laptop computers.

·      Creates and distributes master software images to GHC computers

·      Responsible for bundling and distributing software updates and patches to all GHC computers

·      Installs, configures and maintains all new computers and peripherals for the College.

·      Coordinates and assists with surplus process for all decommissioned GHC computers and peripherals

·      Maintains accurate inventory records for all GHC desktops and laptops

·      Maintains appropriate documentation on policies, procedures, and forms relating to Client Support issues

·      Assists with basic wiring installation and repair



Overview of Client Technology & Media Services


In 2002, the Computer Services Department and the ITP Laptop Helpdesk, two separate technology units of the College, were combined to form the Information Technology Division.  This merger resulted in the formation of Client Support Services (CSS) as a new unit of the IT Division.   CSS is responsible for all aspects of end-user computer hardware and software configuration, setup, maintenance and support at Georgia Highlands College.  CSS maintains and supports over 1400 computers across seven different geographic locations. This fleet of computers includes 27 full computer labs, 4 Testing Centers, 100 classrooms, over 200 cluster computers, and over 450 employee computers.



Responsibilities and Systems/Services Covered


·      Client Support (workstations & peripherals - All Users)

·      Classroom & Lab Support

·      Imaging & Deployment for all desktop/laptop computers

·      WSUS Management (Software Updates)

·      Deep Freeze Management

·      Endpoint Protection (Symantec)

·      System Profiler Management

·      Active Directory (Computer Management, Client Group Policy)

·      Inventory Management (Techits)

·      PGP Whole Disk Encryption (Client Side)

·      Surplus

·      Audio Visual Services unit

·      Digital Media Services/GHTV unit

·      Applicable documentation



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