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Your Z-Drive


What's a Z-drive?

  • Your Z-drive is a network drive, provided by the college and stored on our student server, that is automatically added to classroom and lab computers when you sign in. You may use your Z-drive to save any work you do while using a GHC computer.

  • We recommend saving a copy of important files on your Z-drive in addition to using a USB drive or sending them through email. Please be aware of where you chose to save files. All files not saved in student Z-drive are removed nightly (or when the computer restarts) for security and maintenance purposes.

  • You can only access your Z-drive from GHC student computers. This means that anything you save to your Z-drive will be unavailable when you use the Galileo stations in the Library, SPSU lab computers (for Marietta students) or your own computer. Again, it is highly recommended that you also save copies of important work on a USB drive.


How do I access my Z-drive?

In Windows:

  • Click the desktop icon labeled Z-Drive.
  • Through Computer in the Start Menu (Look for Z: and your network ID).
  • In the Save menu when saving documents.

In Mac OS X:

  • Double-click the Z-drive icon on the right-hand side of the desktop. This will add your drive, labeled with your username, to the desktop.
  • In the Save menu. Click the drop-down arrow and scroll down the left sidebar to find your drive. Be careful not to select the Home directory within OS X as it will also be labeled with your username.



If you have any questions regarding your Z-drive, or any other technology-related issue, please contact the IT department for assistance.

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