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1. Introduction
2. New Employee Guide
3. How to use SCORE
4. How to use GHC Connect
5. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
6. Where to get help
7. How to use Turnitin
8. Academic integrity
9. How to Build a GHC Faculty website
10. Video Conferencing at GHC 
11. Insight
12. Advising
13. Copyright FAQs
14. Wimba Classroom


All new employees automatically have access to email, to the Georgia Highlands network, and to online course management tools. Your network account is set up when you join the college. You need various logons and passwords to access the network, use e-mail, and to access class rolls. These can be obtained through your department.

To access the campus network, carry out online course management, read your email or check information on the Employee Intranet, you need logons and passwords:

  • GHC network, to use a computer on campus
  • SCORE for class management
  • Employee Intranet
  • BANNER for advising
  • GHC email account

 New Employee Guide to IT

You should begin by reading the New Employee Guide to IT Services on the GHC site. The Guide will answer most of your questions. For an excellent set of valuable How-tos go to Various How-Tos. which contains articles on: Office 2007, Word 2007, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Synchronize, sending mail in SCORE, using the GHC phone system, and an overview of IT for part-time instructors.

 How to use SCORE: Class Rolls and Final Grades

When you have the appropriate logons and passwords, you can access SCORE to get your rolls and to manage your course.Read this step-by-step Guide to Course Management Using SCORE.

 How to use GHC Connect

To access GHC Connect, click hereYou can use GHC Connect to do the following:
1. Set up Security Questions to be used if you forget your password
2. Change your network/email account password
3. Sign up for Text Messaging alerts
4. Create a Wireless/VPN account and synchronize your network/email account password to this account
5. Create a Web/FTP account
6. Obtain the Intranet password
7. GHC Connect will be used as a secure delivery mechanism to distribute changes to the Intranet credentials. This change will occur every 120 days.


November 2011 changes: GHC Marconi 
At the end of this month, we will be phasing out the faculty/staff wireless network "Marconi" in favor of our new network "GHC-Marconi." Many of you have already made the transition to this new network. The advantages are as follows:
-- Better security.
-- The convenience of using your network/email username and password (just as you now can for VPN access).
-- You will not be redirected to a web page to authenticate. The authentication is handled by Windows or Mac OS X.
-- No need to visit GHC Connect to maintain/synchronize a separate account for wireless.
If you have a GHC laptop and are currently connecting to Marconi using Windows 7, please visit this webpage ( and download the "Windows Vista/Windows 7 – Faculty/Staff" installer. Once you've downloaded the installer, simply run it and it will automatically configure your computer to connect to the new network. When prompted, enter your current network username and password.
If you have a GHC laptop and are currently connecting to Marconi using Mac OS X, please select the Wi-Fi / Airport icon on the menu bar and connect to GHC-Marconi. Accept the certificate and enter your Mac OS X password when prompted so that the settings can be saved to your Keychain. Then enter your network credentials when prompted and you will be connected to the new network.
If you have any problems, please submit a ticket to or visit your nearest IT Department.

 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

 Where to get Help

  • For help with initial network access, contact your department
  • For logon credentials, contact Info Tech Dpt 706-295-6775
  • For help with Instructional Technology-related issues, contact Simon Grist
  • Far Academic Affairs, see guidelines
  • See also the "How-To's" section of this site.
  • See the GaVIEW FAQs section for help with Vista questions

How to use Turnitin

GHC instructors have access to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection service. Students can also use Turnitin. Before you can use Turnitin, contact Simon Grist (GHC Turnitin Administrator) for the required GHC Account ID and Account Join Passwords. When you receive your credentials, go to Turnitin New Users to get started.

New for 2011 is the Turnitin Academy, which offers free tutorials. The site offers "a series of highly interactive webinars geared toward taking instructors beyond just plagiarism prevention and toward a powerful pedagogy for 'writing to learn.'

 The following support and training materials will assist students, instructors and administrators in getting started with their Turnitin accounts:

  • Quickstart guides walk you through a step-by-step process to introduce you to the service and get you up and running.
  • User manuals provide in-depth, thorough explanations of Turnitin's features and products.
  • Video tutorials help instructors and administrators in using Turnitin's features and functions.

Academic integrity

For additional information, see this Faculty Academy session about Academic Integrity .
Includes the following:

1. Definitions of Academic Violations
2. Academic Integrity at Georgia Highlands
3. Turnitin Useage data GHC
4. Online Resources
5. Examplae of Student/Instructor Agreement
6. Academic Dishonesty Online
7. Academic Cheating Fact Sheet
8. Suspicious Signs Exercise

How to Build a GHC Faculty Website

There is a section of this site explaining how to use the GHC Website Management System to build a faculty web page or expanded site.

Video Conferencing

The Information Technology Dpt schedules reservations for all video conferencing.There is a master calendar that you can use for planning purposes. To schedule a video conference contact either Leah or Linda in IT (706-295-6775).  You will be assigned a virtual conference room for all participating sites to join.  It is the meeting owner’s responsibility to communicate these details (including the virtual conference room #) to all other participants.  

We now have a video conferencing bridge, which allows us to interconnect the sites and manage simultaneous meetings.  You will be presented with three (3) Virtual Conference Rooms. During the scheduling process, you will be assigned to one of these virtual conference rooms.  Each site joining your video conference will join the same virtual conference room. Other meetings can take place simultaneously utilizing other virtual conference rooms;Instructions will be present in every conference room; including all conference room telephone numbers.

Faronics INSIGHT

INSIGHT provides a classroom PC control system. INSIGHT is the new classroom control product GHC will is using as a replacement for SynchronEyes. For information about this new classroom control software.


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There are faculty Academy sessions for basic and intermediate advising. See the faculty Academy calendar for dates. General advising information is also available here:

Basic Advising

Copyright FAQ's

The following Copyright FAQ's link to the NC State Web site. 

1.  What can I show (display or perform) in class?  What is the difference between "displaying" and "performing"?
2.  What if I need to make a copy of the image, etc., first before I can display it?  For example, it is an image in a book, my class is huge, and I need to scan it into my computer so I can project it.  That is, standing in a large auditorium holding up a book is pretty useless.
3.  The movie that I usually show in my classroom is wearing out.  I cannot find another copy of it anywhere and I have even tried to find whoever put out the movie without success.  Can I digitize the movie for preservation purposes?

4.  I own several films and would like to show clips from each of them in my class.  May I?  If so, I would like to copy the clips onto a single dvd for ease of presentation.  May I?

5.  Can I show a movie in class that I rented from Blockbuster?
6.  What kinds of works can I incorporate into a powerpoint presentation?  Charts, photos, graphics, cartoons, sounds?
7.  Can I show student works?
8.  Can I put student work on print reserves?
9.  Can I pass out slide handouts from my powerpoint to the class for them to take notes on?


Wimba Classroom

What is Wimba Classroom? The description below is from the Wimba Classroom site.

"Wimba Classroom 6.1, cornerstone of the Wimba Collaboration Suite, is a live, virtual classroom environment with robust features that include audio, video, application sharing and content display, and MP4 capabilities.

Its pedagogical design and ease-of-use ensures that educators and students engage as if they were meeting face-to-face.

Advanced features such as polling, whiteboarding, presenter on-the-fly, resizable chat areas and participant lists, usage analytics tools, and MP3 or MP4 downloads enable further dynamic interaction between students and educators."

Guides and demos of Wimba Classroom

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