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Instructor Site Management

All GHC faculty members need an easily-accessible web site that can be reached from the official GHC web site.

Students thinking about taking your course should be able to get in touch with you, find your office hours, and learn about what you do in your courses. Although many GHC faculty members have a site separate from the GHC site, all instructors should maintain a basic site that students can access from the main GHC site.

The easiest way to build a faculty site is to use the GHC Website Management System, built specifically to build web pages for GHC faculty. The Web Management System allows you to work in a familiar environment, while producing easy-to-read and quick-to-display web pages. It also allows you to edit and update your site easily.

Examples of Faculty Sites

Before you begin, check these GHC faculty sites built with the Website Management System.

Step-by-Step "How-to" Tutorials

The following three tutorials take you through the process of building, designing and expanding a GHC faculty web site using the Web Site Management System. Each tutorial takes about 45 minutes. You can see the tutorials online (each tutorial opens in a new window). You can also print a pdf version.

► View the Tutorials Online

Tutorial 1 shows you how to set up a GHC faculty site and build a basic home page using the CK Editor. Includes step-by-step procedures and numerous screenshots. You will establish your home page and begin to enter and edit text.

Tutorial 2 gives advice and suggestions for designing a home page, and includes step-by-step instructions for editing your home page, adding links and images, and setting up a bulleted list. You will learn how to upload files from your PC so you can use them on your site. Includes hints and tips about importing Word documents.

Tutorial 2 gives a step-by-step guide to adding pages to your site, and explains how to set up a navigation panel so visitors can navigate to each page.  You will review basic considerations for designing usable, universally-accessible and visually pleasing web pages.

►Download PDF Tutorials

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