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1. D2L LE Tutorials on the web 
2. Self-paced 9x Tutorial
3. EPub Instructor 9x Help
4. iTunes Tutorials
5. Webinars
6. Online HELP Center
7. Desire4Community site
8. D2L Course Template

Tutorials & Handouts for D2L Learning Environment

1. Gordon State College

Gordon State D2L Instructor Training Manual (pdf)
We have received permission for GHC Instructors to download and use this excellent and comprehensive training manual from Autumn Shaffer. This includes all the 10.2 (Jan 2014) upgrades. You can use this if you prefer working from a paper version. Note that each college may use a slightly different D2L LE page design, but everything else is the same for GHC D2L users.

There is also a very extensive, 77 minute Camtasia video at Gordon College's site:  See under the  "How do I get Help from the D2L Learning System" heading.

2. Darton State College
These pdf documents are comprehensive and a great place to get a detailed and step-by-step overview,  but they may not include the latest information for version 10.2. They are still very useful, however.
USG's Darton State has great pdf tutorials with step-by-step instructions and screenshots. The ones about the Gradebook, Quizzes and setting up a course are particularly good.

3. The University of Boulder Colorado OIT 

D2L (10.2) Instructor Tutorial List
Information and step-by-step tutorials for instructors about how to use D2L.  The tutorials are accompanied by screenshots, and are in the form of web pages. This site is clear, well-organized, and easy to navigate.

There are also a several informative introductory Camtasia screen capture videos made available by the University of Boulder, including a 10 minute Overview to D2L, posted to You Tube. There are three videos in all: just click the video start button below to begin (you will see all three in order).

4. The University Arizona D2L Guide

D2L 10.2 Tool Help Guide
"Welcome to The University of Arizona's Desire2Learn (D2L) Help Pages. The information contained in this site is designed to answer questions you may have about D2L and to provide step-by-step instructions for using D2L."

5. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse D2L Help for Instructors

D2L Help for Instructors 
This site is an excellent place to view well-produced and clear screen-capture, narrated videos illustrating many things instructors typically do in Learning Environment
See,  for example,  the pdf document:
How to Add and Mange Content in D2L 10.2.

Videos are available online, but you cannot view all the PDF files. 

Self-paced D2L (version 9.2) Tutorial Course

The Self-paced tutorial is a course in D2L and contains text and video tutorials taking you through the various parts of a course site in the D2L learning environment. It includes a 22-minute video overview, and numerous videos about the various tools in D2L. Primarily intended for student users, it gives a good overview of D2L's "look and feel" from a user perspective.

Self-paced tutorial Expected Outcomes
By the end of this tutorial, participants will have solid experience in and knowledge of the Desire2Learn essential course development and management tools used to develop content and to communicate with, assess and manage users. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

1. Effectively use course development tools located on the Course Home.
2. Incorporate key communication tools into your course design and delivery.
3. Edit existing content using Desire2Learn's editing features, including the HTML editor.
4. Optimize your course design for learner interaction.
5. Leverage the course management console to effectively manage your course.
6. Apply best practices and solid learning theory to course development and delivery.

ITunes D2L tutorials (9x)

D2L Tutorials from the University System of Georgia are available at iTunesU. The tutorials are in-depth, each one lasts about an hour. They were produced by the USG D2L Trainer, Ginger Durham.

The following iTunes D2L Tutorials are available (more will be added during 2012/13): 
1. Overview
2. Dropbox
3. Discussions
4. Rubrics
5. Managing the Gradebook (@ sessions)
6, Quizzes
7. Gradebook

D2L Webinars

There are frequent D2L webinars available from Pearson. They are free, but online registration is require

Online D2L Help Center

University System of Georgia's Desire2Learn Online Help Center

The USG D2L Help Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year The Online Support Center site includes a knowledge base, and a search box. There are sections for students and instructors. You can also request technical support by calling a toll-free number. Please encourage students to check the knowledge base before calling tech support.

Desire4Community D2Lsite

There is a D2L web site called Desire4Community with lots of interesting articles, including How-To's and Tips-and-tricks.

Downloadable D2L Course Template (9x)

Desire-2-Learn Template from Georgia Southern State University

This is a wonderful time-saver if you want to build a course from scratch!

You download a course "template" with pre-built components that provide a structural foundation for online courses in Desire2Learn. The template provides a pre-built module structure for a 16-week course. All you need to do is add content! This is a great time-saving, and the modules are accessible! When you have downloaded the D2L Course Template, you can import it to one of your Course Offerings in D2L. 

You can see a demo of the course template in this mockup at Georgia Southern's site (it looks like the course will look when imported to D2L).




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