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Getting Started With Computers

GHC Computer Applications Training provided by Learning & Development will be approximately 3-4 hours in length unlike the courseware designation of 6 hours.  Therefore, actual content covered in class will vary from this outline.

Course Description

Course Objective: Students will log on to Windows 7, explore its interface, identify the different components in the interface, customize the Windows 7 desktop, manage files and folders, use the common tools and programs available in Windows 7, and launch various computer applications.  Users will also learn how to create, read, and reply to messages in Microsoft Outlook.

Target Student: This course is designed for any employee who needs knowledge in basic computer skills.

Prerequisites: None

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • log on to Windows 7, explore its interface, and identify the different components present in the interface.
  • customize the Windows 7 desktop.
  • manage files and folders.
  • use the common tools and programs available in Windows 7.
  • create, read, and reply to email messages.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring Windows 7

Topic 1A: Identify Personal Computer Functionality

Topic 1B: Log On to Windows 7

Topic 1C: Explore the Desktop

Topic 1D: Work with Windows

Topic 1E: Access the Help and Support Feature

Topic 1F: Turn Off the Personal Computer

Lesson 2: Customizing the Windows 7 Desktop

Topic 2A: Customize the Start Menu

Topic 2B: Customize the Taskbar

Topic 2C: Personalize the Desktop

Topic 2D: Add Gadgets to the Desktop

Lesson 3: Managing Folders and Files

Topic 3A: Navigate to Folders Using Windows Explorer

Topic 3B: Work with Folders and Files

Topic 3C: Secure Folders and Files

Topic 3D: Organize Folders and Files

Topic 3E: Search for Folders and Files

Lesson 4: Using Common Tools and Programs in Windows 7

Topic 4A: Create a Document in WordPad

Topic 4B: Work with the Calculator

Topic 4C: Capture Screens Using the Snipping Tool

Topic 4D: Customize a Graphic with the Paint Tool

Lesson 5: Email

Topic 5A: Launch Microsoft Outlook

Topic 5B: Explore the environment

Topic 5C: Read and reply to emails.

Topic 5D:  Create Emails

Appendix A: Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B: Personal Computer Basics

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