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Friday Fun at Floyd: A Hula Hoop Contest

Terri Cavender, talent acquisition and development specialist in Human Resources, won Friday’s hula hoop contest, which was held in the tower courtyard of the Floyd campus.  The adults who participated – Joan Ledbetter, Joanie Yarborough, Caroline McWhorter, Angela Wheelus and Cavender – had all been ace hoopers as children.  Adult bodies, however, don’t accommodate themselves as readily to the movement necessary to keep the hoop spinning around the midsection.  Or so it seems…..

Cavender’s efforts improved as she practiced before the competition, resulting in her win.  The hula hoop contest was the latest Friday event sponsored by the GHC Ambassadors to keep spirits high during the first summer in several years without a 10-4 work week.  Seems to be working.

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