Georgia Highlands College

Authority to Hire Process
1) Print Authority to Hire from website:

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Human Resources
  • Policies, Procedures & Forms
  • Online Forms

2) Complete sections:

  • Title of Position
  • Position reports
  • Department/Campus
  • Projected salary
  • Recruitment Period
  • Projected Appointment Date
  • Justification
  • Key Qualifications
  • Key responsibilities
  • Requested by

3) Forward to Vice President to approve and sign
4) Forward to HR Director who will provide the B-CAT and verify the projected salary, then approve and sign
5) Forward to Budget Officer who will provide the position number and the FUND.
6) Forward to VP of Finance and Administration to approve and sign
7) Forward to President who will verify, and then approve and sign
8) Forward to Human Resources

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