Georgia Highlands College

GHC Has Gone Mobile†

Keep GHC in the palm of your hand wherever you go.† If you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can get campus maps, admissions status, listings in the college catalog, grades, news, events and more.

Download it free now for iOS devices

Download it free now for Android devices

GHC Mobile lets you take the college wherever you go.† Youíll never be out of touch, and you can stay up to date on your admissions application status, access the GHC directory, review the college catalog and current course offerings.† Sign up for emergency notifications or change your password.† Access the maps app to find your current location or the location of any building on any campus.† Watch GHC videos or read news stories.† You can even chat with an IT specialist if you have a technology problem.†

Thereís a solution for just about everything on GHC Mobile.† And itís free.† Just visit the App Store at iTunes and search for GHC Mobile or download it here†for iOS devices or here for Android devices.† If you have a Blackberry smart phone, donít despair.† This platform should be here in a couple of weeks.

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