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Faculty, staff and students at Georgia Highlands College celebrated a make-over for the college library on the Floyd campus today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the facility.  Elijah Scott, GHC’s director of libraries, said the do-over was overdue.  “Most of the tables and chairs had been there since the 1970s,” he said.  “The fabric was torn and stained, chairs were broken, tables rickety. Lighting was poor.  We had just put things off until we no longer could.”
The $400,000 project was funded from state MRR (major repair and renovation) and institutional year-end funds, the latter of which derive from all departments’ unspent budgets.  The state funds MRR projects to maintain the many facilities on University System of Georgia campuses.  The reasons for unspent institutional funds are many.  For example, a faculty or staff member may leave the college and the position hasn’t been filled, so the monies earmarked for that position are left over at the end of the fiscal year.    
Included in the overhaul, in addition to new comfortable seating and desk/table space, were better lighting, two new individual study rooms and two group study rooms, 25 new computers for online research, a new computer lab/classroom, a new quiet study area for multiple students, an art gallery that will display student/faculty/staff art and a seating area in the foyer that is food and drink friendly.  The space was also painted and recarpeted.  New lighting was installed between the stacks to improve visibility when searching for books.
Changes in the way students research papers and write them have significantly altered the needs of well- equipped libraries.   The advent of technology inside the classroom and out demands more computer space and a classroom to teach students how to conduct online research from the vast resources available on the Internet.  
Here's a video of the event:

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