Georgia Highlands College

GHC Communication Students Help GPB Raise Funds

Students from a Georgia Highlands College Introduction to Mass Media class traveled to Atlanta on Wednesday, March 14 to man the phones at Georgia Public Broadcasting during its evening fund-raising and membership campaign.  Students are taking the communications class in Cartersville, and used the opportunity to learn about electronic media outlets.

All students wore Georgia Highlands T-shirts that said, “College is good.”  Apparently the slogan was accurate because the GHC team raised enough money to break pledge records for the evening, raising approximately $16,000.

Students who participated included (first row, left to right):  Brooke Wise, Adrian Toyer, Greg Singletary, Zachary Planchet, Stephen See

Second row: Darren Jones, Jolam Mendez, Braeden Jones, Sen Buckley, Christina Garrison, Michael Johnson, David Singletary, Sandy Turk

Third row: Jerry Cagle, Alex Brown, Thomas Maddox, Krista McRae, Samantha Reardon, Becky Beaver, Aaron Mann


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