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FCST 1020: Career Choices and Decision Making

What major is right for you?

What can you do with your chosen major? 

Would you like help in plotting your next steps in college, transferring to a baccalaureate program, applying for jobs,  learning how to market yourself and negotiate your first salary?

FCST 1020 will help you discover your vocational calling and develop a life plan that will help you achieve your academic and career goals.  This course will help you discover  your chosen life-long work and successfully choose the right major and career. Career-interest assessments, career research, baccalaureate programs, career professionalism, and skills needed to obtain employment are some of the major areas to be covered.  This two-hour course is recommended for any student seeking to discover their career goals, but also provides helpful educational and career strategies for students who have already chosen a desired profession.

Learn about you!

Learn about your chosen profession!

Learn how to market yourself and achieve your

personal and professional goals!



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