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Field Trip to Fernbank Excites Students and Faculty

Six faculty members and 18 students representing four student organizations at Georgia Highlands recently visited to Fernbank Museum in Atlanta together.  Because of the diversity of exhibits, students from the four clubs – Green Highlands, Students Without Borders, the Math and Science Club and the Honors program – found something to interest and educate themselves there. 

They saw the iMax film “Alaska: Spirit of the Wild,” the “Extreme Mammals” and “Reflections of Culture” exhibits.  “Alaska: Spirit of the Wild” explored the last natural frontier, and let viewers see how wildlife adapts and triumphs over the extreme elements of an Alaskan winter.  “Extreme Mammals” gave students the opportunity to examine some of the most gigantic and the tiniest animals of all time.  Reflections of Culture featured an exhibit of personal adornment artifacts from around the world.  Arrayed next to photos that put the items of clothing, jewelry and other body decorations, visitors can put the items in the context of the way they are/were used.  Such adornments tell a story about culture, economics, politics and society.

As time permitted students and faculty also visited other exhibits.  Alexandra MacMurdo, lecturer of communication who helped organized the trip, said, “We were able to recruit students from every campus except Marietta.  There was something at Fernbank for everyone to enjoy, regardless of interest or club background.  From science to history to communication, a variety of exhibits captivate the imagination.  I look forward to doing more joint field trips in the future.”

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