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Foundation Camp 2012: Boys, Sports and Lessons

The seventh annual Foundation Camp came to the Floyd campus for two weeks July 9 – 20.  There were 120 boys this year, ranging from 10 to 14 years old.  As always, they were loud, enthusiastic, energetic – in short, typical boys.  And they had a ball.  The fortnight was filled with sports activities like kayaking, swimming, basketball, kick ball and flag football.  But there was plenty of learning time, too.  The boys got math lessons.  They participated in a biology lab, and they learned about instruments and musical genres from Jason Smith, a local jazz musician.  They went to the gentleman’s club, a creation of camp organizers, where they learned to tie ties and shake hands and be mannerly.  They learned about respect and self-discipline and confidence.  Each day they left with new experiences.
Alumni of both the Foundation Camp and its predecessor, the National Youth Sports Program, or NYSP, have gotten so much out of the two-week project that they have come back each year to help other kids.  Some of the alums have become lawyers, law enforcement personnel, business leaders and even a professional football player.  They all cite the strong role models they met as key reasons for their successful directions in life.  
The camp is supported by donations from local businesses, the GHC Foundation and community leaders.



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