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Nursing Simulation Lab Dedication

An exciting, high-tech training tool was unveiled to the public Tuesday, Sept. 28 in a dedication ceremony at Heritage Hall, Rome, for a nursing simulation lab.  The stars of the event were two computerized dummies completely programmable to react as human patients to medication, stimuli or various clinical scenarios.  A room containing the control computer and two two-way mirrors is positioned between rooms designed and furnished as hospital rooms. Each room is large enough to accommodate a bed containing the dummy patient, a bedside chest, and about 15 faculty and students.  Video equipment records each interaction so that students can see what they did well, analyze other responses they could have chosen and learn from their mistakes in a risk-free environment. 

“Now we can initiate nursing students to the patient experience by degrees,” said Becca Maddox, interim director of the nursing program.  If they make a rookie mistake here, we merely repeat the exercise.  It’s completely risk-free and a less stressful way to ease students into a clinical setting.”

Regional health-care organizations contributed to the lab, including Harbin Clinic, Floyd Medical Center, Tanner  Medical Center, The Specialty Hospital, Redmond Regional Medical Center and WellStar Health System. 

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