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TUTORIAL CENTER: A Tutorial Center is available on the Rome, Cartersville,  Paulding, and Marietta Campuses. Hours vary on each campus. These centers provide wonderful assistance and should be used when possible to supplement your classroom experience.

EXTENDED ABSENCE POLICY:  Students, who have circumstances that prevent them from continuing to attend classes over an extended period of time, sometimes request that the faculty member permit them to submit work in absentia to receive credit to complete the course. If the concurrent absences will constitute more than 15% of the class sessions for the term, then written permission from the Division Chair is required before any course assignments can be completed while missing class.  The student must be in good academic standing in the course to make the request.  All approved coursework must be completed by the end of the semester in which the course was begun.”

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Any student who feels he/she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should make an appointment with the College Access Center (706-802-5003) to coordinate reasonable accomodations. You are welcome to contact me privately to discuss your specific needs.


WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  The last day to withdraw without penalty is October 23, 2012. You are responsible for seeing that the withdrawal procedure is followed –remember you must drop credit classes if you drop a LS class.


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:  If there is inclement weather, the college posts necessary announcements on the web site.  Cancellation notices for locations will be reported to radio stations and WXIA-TV in Atlanta.  However, please be advised that station regulations may not allow for clarity in location-specific announcements such as “Georgia Highlands, Cartersville only.”  Generally speaking, stations simply broadcast something like “Georgia Highlands is closed.”




This message applies only to students receiving financial aid:  Federal regulations state that if a student did not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be reduced accordingly.  Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the 0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each classStudents who have earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation.  If a student has properly withdrawn from all classes, the student’s financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the withdrawal form. 



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