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Political Science 1101

American Government



Course Description:

            This course is an introduction to the study of American Government and deals primarily with the development and contemporary functioning of American political institutions with a focus upon the national government and national politics.  It satisfies the state legislative requirement concerning the United States Constitution and the Georgia Constitution. 

Course Objectives:

            By the end of this course, students will demonstrate familiarity with the basic concepts of the American governmental system.  More specifically, students will demonstrate the following. 

  1. Describe how the American political system works.
  2. Describe how Georgia government works under the present constitution.
  3. Identify the historical and philosophical roots of America’s system of government and its Constitutional components.
  4. Explain the importance of civic responsibility in a participatory republic.
  5. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the American political system.
  6. Use computer technology to discover information relating to politics and government.

Required Materials For the Course:


    We the People, Shorter Ninth Edition, Georgia Edition, 2013 Edition.  Ginsburg, Lowi, and Weir.

   *NOTE*  Each student should bring their textbook with them to EACH and EVERY class period,

 ScanTron Forms

            Students will have to purchase 5 ScanTron forms over the course of the semester.  Students will use the ScanTron forms when taking exams.  The ScanTron forms will be available in the bookstore for purchase (estimated cost is about 40 cents each).  

Class Schedule

Week 1: American Political Culture

Week 2: The Founding and the Constitution

Week 3: Federalism

Week 4: Civil Liberties

Week 5: Civil Rights

Week 6: Public Opinion and the Media

Week 7: Political Participation and Voting

Week 8: Political Parties

Week 9: Campaigns and Elections

Week 10: Groups and Interests

Week 11: Congress

Week 12: The Presidency

Week 13: Bureaucracy

Week 14: Federal Courts

Week 15: Georgia Constitution

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