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Blitzer, Introductory and Intermediate Algebra 4th Edition


Review Sections

Chapter 1: Sections 1-8

Focus on Order of Operations with the calculator.


Chapter 2: Sections 1-4

Focus on Solving single-variable first degree equations.


Chapter 3: Sections 1-2

Focus on the basics of Graphing in 2-dimensions.



Course Sections

Chapter 2: 5-7

Focus on problem solving and solving inequalities.


Chapter 3:3-4

Focus on graphing linear functions and basic characteristics of linear equations.


Chapter 4: 1-4

Focus on combining graphing and algebra skills.


Chapter 5: 1-7

Focus on Simplifying Algebraic Expressions using Order of Operations.


Chapter 6: 1-6

Focus on mixed factoring sets, knowing what to do when you see a problem to factor or solve.


Chapter 7: 1-9

Focus on bringing together simplifying, factoring, and solving skills.


Chapter 8: 1-4

Focus on Functions and problems using functions.


Chapter 10: 1-7

Focus on simplifying expressions involving radicals , solving radical equations, and a brief introduction to complex numbers.


Chapter 11: 2-4

Focus on solving equations with the Quadratic Formula and graphing quadratic functions.


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